Hazardous Waste and

Radionuclide Site Cleanup

Linn Havelick managed the investigation and cleanup of the site of the former Colorado School of Mines Research Institute (CSMRI) in Golden, Colorado between 2000 and 2013. The Site had been used as a mining and minerals research facility since around 1912 when the first building was constructed. Between 1912 and 1984, thousands of projects brought many tons of ores and minerals to the Site from mines around the world. Radium, lead, copper, uranium, rare earth metals, coal, and many other types of materials were experimented on. The leftovers were often disposed of on the Site.

The waste characterizations necessary to clean up the Site were numerous and complex. The presence of naturally-occurring radionuclides in many of the imported ores greatly complicated the regulatory impacts and decisions regarding the disposal of the wastes. In addition, many of the metals contained in the ores also posed hazards. The ultimate classification of most of the waste materials as solid waste allowed for proper and cost-effective disposal of the materials in secure waste landfill facilities. Extensive information regarding the history of the Site and the cleanup can be found at http://www.is.mines.edu/ehs/csmri/CSMRI2007.htm.  

You may have a particularly complex CERCLA site (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, or "Superfund" site) with multiple potentially responsible parties, contentious regulatory issues, or challenging wastes such as naturally-occurring or technologically-enhanced radioactive materials (NORM or TENORM). Linn can assist you in resolving those issues and closing the site with considerable cost savings.

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Linn Havelick has ceased active consulting work effective January 2019 to focus on his manufacturing enterprise, HAL Extraction Technology, Ltd. If you need industrial hygiene consulting support, please check with Jeff Pothast. For training and courses, please speak with Steve Baugh at QSP Sciences. For environmental expertise, contact Joe Aiken, JA Environmental