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Industrial Hygiene Workshops & Conferences in Romania   Linn Havelick has worked with the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association to prepare and present several workshops and conferences in Romania. Linn participated in a team to present a workshop in Industrial Hygiene at the Babes Bolyai University Hygiene in Cluj Napoca, Romaina in 2006. The workshop participants toured several industrial operations to view health and safety practices (and the need for such) in real-world operations. The workshop was followed by an Occupational Health Conference. Linn returned to Romania in 2011 with another AIHA-RMS industrial hygienist to present another workshop in Industrial Hygiene at the Georghe Asachii Technical University in Iasi, Romania.  A conference and industrial tours were included in that program as well.   In 2013 another workshop was presented by Linn at the Georghe Asachi Technical University Hazard Control. The University in Iasi is expanding and improving an academic program in Occupational Hygiene to include undergraduate and graduate degrees.