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Linn Havelick founded HAL Extraction Technology Ltd. to develop and produce Extraction Booths that provide a revolutionary cost-saving approach to the construction of marijuana oil extraction facilities. 

Marijuana Industry Services

Extraction Technology Support

The production of marijuana concentrates uses solvents that can be hazardous to workers and facilities. Pressurized solvents, carbon dioxide, and extraction technologies can present flammability, toxicity, cryogenic fluid, or asphyxiation hazards. Design, operation, and use of these extraction systems can present serious industrial risks that were unaddressed prior to the legalization of recreational and/or medical marijuana. Involvement of a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) in the design, operation, standard operating procedure development, or review of marijuana concentrate production systems can help to reduce risks to employees, facility owners, and communities. New regulations issued by the State of Colorado that were adopted January 10, 2014 require the review of such systems and operations by a Certified Industrial Hygienist or Professional Engineer prior to their use in production. (See the Colorado Permanent MEDICAL and RETAIL Marijuana Rules) Marijuana production and business facilities often generate hazardous waste and may be required to undergo independent health and sanitary audits, complex pesticide use and tracking requirements, or testing and analysis for contamination or potency. Havelick & Associates LLC can help legal marijuana producers, manufacturers, and businesses reduce risk, reduce employee injury rates, and meet new complex compliance requirements.