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Services Overview

Assessment, characterization, and remediation of complex sites.
Experience at sites with contamination problems involving heavy metals, TCE, PCBs, radionuclides and other materials. Successfully took sites from investigation phase through remediation, disposal, restoration and productive use.
Technologically-Enhanced, Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Material.
TENORM is generated when naturally occurring radioactive materials are concentrated through human technological processes. Experience with research sites, municipal water treatment residues, soil contamination, disposal, human exposure, and RESRAD modeling.
Marijuana Industry
Certified Industrial Hygienist review and certification of solvent-based marijuana concentrate production.
The States of Colorado and Washington require producers of solvent-based marijuana concentrates to have their operations, equipment, procedures, and safety measures inspected, reviewed, and certified by a Certified Industrial Hygienist. 
Legal Support and Expert Witness
Available to serve in support or Expert Witness roles in the fields listed above.
Mr. Havelick has decades of experience working with attorneys in the areas listed above, including 15 years working with a State of Colorado legal team on CERCLA matters involving cost recovery, site investigation, remediation, waste disposal, and site closure.